A charming new side-scrolling platformer is coming soon to Nintendo Switch – run, jump, slide, slam and glide to find your stolen corn as Stitchy, an athletic scarecrow! It’s a piece of corn cake to dive in and out of this colorful single player action game, making it perfect for playing on the go.

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble
Save your corn and defeat troublesome thieving Tooki! As Stitchy, a dedicated scarecrow, you are on a mission to recover every stolen piece of corn and reclaim your fields from the evil wooden Tooki!

The striking art style is packed with color and character, bringing to life the varied worlds that Stitchy must platform his way through. Ride minecarts, dodge chunky wooden piranha, delve into a Tooki factory, face massive boss battles, and much more!

Stitchy is easy to pick up and play on the go, with charming fairy-tale art plus inventive enemies and intuitive controls that make this an all ages platforming delight! Trust us – you’ll be a-maized!

Polygoat co-founder Frederik says: “Stitchy is a real labor of love for us, and we’re thrilled to share this first glimpse with the world! It’s like our very own fairytale game – inspired by the classics we love: Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot. We hope our fast-paced side-scrolling gameplay and colorful art style lives up to our inspirations. As for the definitive release date – that corn still needs to be popped, so stay tuned!”

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble features:
● Colorful single player platforming fun
● Play on the go – jump in and out with ease
● Delightful all-ages fairytale side-scroller
● Three worlds, each with nine levels, a boss battle, and a secret level!