Sommige Wargaming fans weten het al een tijdje, World of Warships komt naar de console onder de naam World of Warships Legends. Maar omdat er nogal wat vragen naar boven kwamen tijdens het spelen is een studio bezoek het perfecte moment om duidelijkheid te krijgen inzake een aantal dingen. Dus gingen we in gesprek met Filipp Glushakov, de Player Interaction Manager voor World of Warships Legends. Maar eerst een korte video voor de mensen die niet weten wat World of Warships Legend precies is.

Deze action packed game zal in 2019 te spelen zijn via de consoles, een selecte groep is inmiddels de game al aan het testen. Hierdoor kunnen we wat gerichtere vragen stellen dan normaal. Hierdoor neemt het wel een aantal onzekerheden bij ons weg. 🙂

TDG: World of Warships is coming to consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but yet we see that the Xbox One version is in closed alpha, but the PlayStation 4 version is not live for testing. Why is this?

Filipp: The development process is simultaneous for both platforms and we realized that there is no need to find the same bugs twice at the earliest stage of the alpha test. Therefore the PS4 alpha comes out in early October with all of the updates that Xbox client has already received and we continue on with both platforms.

TDG:  With a limited button layout for controllers, will there be a different layout for ships (CV’s) in higher tiers?

Filipp: Seeing how we’re going to implement the widely publicized PC concept for the new carriers if it proves to be the one, controls will not be an issue. Both Xbox and PS4 gamepads provide us with enough input methods to cover the needs of future carriers and particularly single squadron handling.

TDG: We see the reworked CV’s in World of Warships (PC), will this also be in the console version of the game?

Filipp: Again, should the concept prove successful, we plan to adapt it to our game with necessary changes. Right now it’s looking pretty promising, so we expect carrier gameplay on consoles to look quite similar to the action-packed demos you’ve seen recently.

World of Warships Legend, an action-packed console game

TDG: Submarines are coming to the PC for a PvE event, does the console version also support submarines from the release? After all, you can introduce the new tech tree from the start, which makes programming a new tech tree easier than implementing it later on in the PC version.

Filipp: We are at the very beginning of our journey so we don’t need or want to overcomplicate things. There is a shift in meta with quicker engagement which we need to build around carefully, and having fewer classes at launch will actually aid us in this very venture. Submarines are a peculiar and interesting class, but even if they make it to PC we will have our hands somewhat full with polishing and perfecting our core gameplay and then adding the carriers to the equation, so there are no immediate plans to introduce subs to Legends in any way.

TDG: Nowhere days World of Warships has an own Mod option, consoles these days also support mods, does this mean we can also expect mods to the console version?

Filipp: Mods can be fun and add variety, but they also add many unknowns that are not necessarily valuable enough in a console environment. A downside of mods is that some of them can be used to exploit the code and we want to completely close the door for such possibilities, especially keeping in mind how easy it is for us.

TDG: When the PC version was launched, we had a limited amount of nations and tech tree’s, will this be the same with the launch of the console version or can we expect more nations and ships from the start?

Controls zijn simpel en overzichterlijk

Filipp: We are launching with quite a compact line-up of USN and IJN ships, but the adage about ways to go and even more to grow holds very true for Legends. There will be around 40 ships in the game when it becomes widely available and we plan to constantly supply new content, be it ships, commanders or events to our players.

TDG: Regarding Premium ships, in the PC version there are a lot of Premium Ships, most of them are well balanced, some are OP (for example Nikolai 1). Will we also see all of these ships in the console version and shop, including the ones that have left the PC shop?

Filipp: Much like it is with our initial tech trees we have quite a few premium vessels to choose from when we add ships to the game, thanks to the big PC brother. And together with regular tech trees, we’re going to steadily add premium ships, but which ones and in which order remains to be seen. Practically any ship that has been on PC is possible as they are going to be balanced from the ground up often moving to different tiers since our game is after all different 😊 And naturally, some ships might prove too strong or weak and we will carry on with correcting such deviations through testing.

En hoe graag we nog meer info met jullie willen delen, helaas hebben wij ook te maken met een NDA. Dus het is nog even wachten voor de fans. Nog even en dan mogen jullie ook op de console de grootste slagschepen laten zinken!
Mochten jullie nog vragen hebben, laat het ons weten en dan kunnen we kijken of we deze aan het dev-team kunnen stellen!