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Hey everyone Fox here!! So what do you guys and gals think, Titanfall for game of the year? No I don’t think so, sure it’s a great game but not game of the year material. What about possibly Xbox game of the year? Eh, a definite possibility but I don’t think so. Titanfall is an all online multi-player game, no more, no less, where players use a mixture of free running, parkour, and mechs called “Titans” to fight against each other. To me it feels like a mixture of Mirror’s Edge, Halo, and Battlefield. That is how most of the action plays out to me when I play matches, and everything is online against other players…even the campaign.

Now many have said Titanfall is the first of it’s generation in a since, where everything is online only. Which is somewhat truth and yet somewhat false. Remember the game Defiance that came out on the Xbox 360 around this time last year, it was all online as well. But unlike Titanfall it was classed as an RPG, while Titanfall is an FPS. Now if you don’t count PC games Titanfall is indeed one of the few online only FPS games for console. But it won’t be the last, we will be seeing more and more online only games in the future like; Destiny, and The Division just to name a few.

As for Titanfall itself, it’s a six versus six multi-player game, and as said earlier even the campaign is multi-player. There are two factions with-in the game the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) and the Militia, basically your rebels of sorts. There are both and IMC and a Militia campaign, but both are pretty bland, and also pretty similar. It’s in fact pretty hard to really understand what is actually going on story wise with most of the battlefield game sounds drowning out any audio chatter that is played through-out the campaign. Always the same map in the same order for both sides of the campaign, which leaves a heavy feel of repeatism to the campaign. Simply put the campaign leaves a lot to be desired.

But now you finally get to the heart of the game the multi-player. The multi-player is a blast to play despite it only having five different game-modes which include; Attrition (a TDM style game type where your team has to rack up a certain number of points before the enemy team), Last Titan Standing (where everyone starts in a Titan and your team’s goal is simply to eliminate all the Titan’s on the enemy team before they eliminate you), Hardpoint (a Conquest style game-type where there are three objectives that you need to capture through-out the map, the more objectives you control the more points your team acquires), Capture the Flag (your basic run of the mill CTF where each team has a flag and you need so many captures to win the match), and finally Pilot Hunter (similar to Attrition but where only Pilot kills affect your teams score.)

Having played all of the game-modes so far I highly enjoy playing Hardpoint and CTF, mainly because I am a close-quarters type of player where I usually dominate in close range. The aspect of an all multi-player game will really agree with some people, while others might be put off by it. I personally highly enjoy the game myself and have streamed game-play quite a bit while playing with my gaming clan. You just have so many options in this multi-player as compared to other games. Say your being chased, you can run out a door jump onto the wall above the door, press and hold the left trigger while you are near the wall and wait for your pursuer to come through and now you have the drop on them.

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The parkour mixed with the mechs in this game is insane, along with some of the tactical abilities your Pilot has such as cloaking and the active radar pulse which literally let’s you see through walls to some extent, as well as the weapons you have available such as a shotgun, a carbine, and a sniper rifle. And of course you have your anti-titan weapons which are used to take down an enemy Titan, but you also have the option of taking it down another way such as jumping on its back and shooting out its core.

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Then add in all that with the Titans themselves and the burn cards you can use which gives you certain boosts like double experience, infinite cloaking, unlimited sprint, or calling in a Titan right away. When all of these different aspects come together it makes the Titanfall multi-player experience really worth-while even despite how fast-paced some of it might seem. And although it might not be the most graphically pleasing as compared to some other games, it makes up for in server stability as long as you are well with-in your region of play.

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Overall Titanfall has been a great game for me; it’s fast paced, filled with action and excitement and really a blast to play. The campaign is a little dull meaning, I really don’t even see a reason for it, would probably have been better of without one since I really wouldn’t call it one. But everything else is pretty amazing, and it a well built and programmed game as well, meaning there aren’t very many bugs or glitches at all which is pretty impressive. If you’re a fan of multi-player a lot, I would definitely consider picking this game up. If I were to give Titanfall a rating out of say ten, even though I deplore ratings, I would give it an 9 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed my review of Titanfall, and until next time folks this is Fox signing off.

365Gaming Verdict: 9